20 Affordable Cars That Will Bring out the Boy in You

There’s a common misconception that buying a luxurious coupé or a showoff exotic supercar can make a man younger. While it is true to some extent, buying a certain kind car only confirms the age of a driver, as well as his bank account status. However, a more clever, out-of-the-box choice of a car to make you feel like a boy again doesn’t have to tick all the midlife crisis boxes. That’s why we’ve arranged a list of 20 cars which are not only cool, fast and fun to drive, but they also dodge all age stereotypes!

Toyota FJ Cruiser1-Toyota-FJ-Cruiser

We’ll start the list with one car that was sadly discounted back in 2014. With the looks of a deep space explorer module and more than decent offroad capabilities, Toyota’s FJ Cruiser is the perfect car to take you out on a weekend adventure that’ll make you forget all your worries. These short adventures will transform your outlook on free time and will make you more active and fun loving.

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